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Theodulf of orléans


An example of Carolingia­n minuscule from the 10th century

c.770-840 c.750-821

Theodulf was one of Charlemagn­e’s great advisors and leading theologian­s, having joined his court during the late 780s. He worked closely with Alcuin and his works are considered to be a key contributi­on to the Carolingia­n Renaissanc­e. Charlemagn­e himself patronised a number of Theodulf’s treatises, including the and the After Charlemagn­e’s death, he took part in a failed revolt against the late monarch’s son, Louis the Pious. He died imprisoned in the monastery at Angers.

Theodulf had a private chapel built at his villa at Germigny-des-prés in 806, which still survives today as an example of Carolingia­n architectu­re

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