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It’s time to change some history


Number of players 1-6 Manufactur­er Looney Labs Price: Released: Out now

To expand your timeline, expansion packs are available. For instance, if you want some more recent cards then you can purchase The Gore Years, which goes up to Obama’s inaugurati­on in 2008. Or you could change the course of American history with Early American Chrononaut­s, which is set in the 1800s. You don’t even have to play with other people as the game comes with a set of rules for a single-player mode.

This game is ideal for fans of Back to the Future, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure or even all about history’s own regular

What If section. Though in truth, a knowledge of history — or even alternativ­e history — is not required, only a passion for playing fiendish strategy games.

Chrononaut­s is a fun, fresh way of exploring what happened in the 20th century — and how differentl­y the world could have turned out.

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