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OT­TOMAN 1485-1565

A skilled sailor, Dragut joined Hayred­din Bar­barossa’s fleet and quickly be­came his right-hand man. As chief lieu­tenant, he took part in a number of raids and suc­cess­fully cap­tured a se­ries of coastal fortresses. Af­ter Bar­barossa’s death, Dragut suc­ceeded him as the leader of the Ot­toman fleet and as the gov­er­nor of Algiers two years later. A force to be reck­oned with, he se­cured an ar­ray of naval vic­to­ries, par­tic­u­larly the seizure of Tripoli – here he built the Dragut Mosque, which is still used to­day. He died dur­ing the failed Siege of Malta, wounded by splin­ters caused by a can­non­ball.

Dragut’s body is buried in the mosque he founded

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