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Day 1 20 MARCH 1815 The ea­gle has landed

As Napoleon re­turns to Paris, Louis XVIII flees to Lille. While Napoleon is greeted at the Tui­leries Palace by a large crowd of of­fi­cers, the streets are semi-de­serted.

Day 6 25 MARCH 1815 europe goes to war

The Congress of Vienna unan­i­mously brands Napoleon an out­law, with Rus­sia, Prussia, Aus­tria and Bri­tain com­mit­ting to de­feat him for good.

Day 10 29 MARCH 1815 The abo­li­tion of slav­ery

In an ef­fort to ap­pear revo­lu­tion­ary, Napoleon ap­points the Ja­cobin rad­i­cal Lazare Carnot as his min­is­ter of the in­te­rior and de­crees the abo­li­tion of slav­ery.

Day 12 31 MARCH 1815 louis in ex­ile

Find­ing the gar­ri­son in

Lille hos­tile to the royal cause, Louis XVIII leaves France with a loyal band of fol­low­ers and cre­ates a court in ex­ile in Ghent, Bel­gium.

Day 63 20 MAY 1815 Mu­rat’s failed power grab

Joachim Mu­rat, king of Naples and Napoleon’s brother-in-law, de­clares war on Aus­tria but is de­feated, prompt­ing him to flee to Cor­sica.

Day 90 15 JUNE 1815 The em­peror strikes back

Napoleon goes on the of­fen­sive with roughly 200,000 men. He plans to drive a wedge be­tween the Bri­tish and Prus­sians to de­feat them sep­a­rately.

Day 91 16 JUNE 1815 Blücher takes a beat­ing

Napoleon de­feats, but does not de­stroy, Prus­sian field mar­shal Blücher at Ligny, al­low­ing him to es­cape to Wavre where he agrees to sup­port Welling­ton at Water­loo.

Day 93 18 JUNE 1815 Bat­tle of Water­loo

Despite bad weather and fac­ing both Bri­tain and Prussia, Napoleon makes great gains dur­ing his last ever bat­tle be­fore ul­ti­mately be­ing over­whelmed. Tens of thou­sands die in the melee.

Day 97 22 June 1815 Napoleon ab­di­cates again

Af­ter Water­loo, the French po­lit­i­cal elite call for Napoleon to stand down. The em­peror ac­cepts de­feat and ab­di­cates in favour of his four-year-old son.

Day 105 29 June 1815

Quit­ting paris

Napoleon leaves the cap­i­tal with a small mil­i­tary es­cort in an ef­fort to es­cape Blücher’s fastap­proach­ing cavalry, which has been told to cap­ture him dead or alive.

Day 114 8 July 1815 louis XVIII re­stored

Louis re­turns to Paris and pre­sides over a con­sti­tu­tional monar­chy. Welling­ton re­mains in France with the al­lied oc­cu­pa­tion army un­til 1818.

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