Dos & don’ts


Grow your hair long Spar­tan men grow their hair long and style it be­fore bat­tle. It’s a cheap and eye-catch­ing way of adding flair to your fear­some look!

Cut down on clothes To look like a war­rior, throw off your clothes and don the oblig­a­tory scar­let cape.

Join in with ac­tiv­i­ties Spar­tan so­ci­ety places a great deal of em­pha­sis on work­ing to­gether for the good of all – ev­ery­one is ex­pected to do their bit.

Laugh along with the lo­cals Don’t miss the rit­u­als in which Spar­tan girls en­ter­tain with com­i­cal songs about the men they know!

Ex­pect to see your spouse Though you’ll be able to marry from the age of 20, you can’t live with your spouse. Hus­bands have to sneak out of bar­racks to enjoy a tryst!

Ex­pect to be well fed Food is ra­tioned to keep war­riors trim. What­ever you do, don’t put on any weight or you’ll become a tar­get of pub­lic ridicule!

Ad­mit you’re for­eign While for­eign­ers can live in Sparta, they can’t hold of­fi­cial po­si­tions. They don’t have any rights and are sub­ject to ex­pul­sion at any time.

Sur­ren­der in bat­tle A Spar­tan who sur­ren­ders com­mits the most griev­ous sin imag­in­able. Even moth­ers tell their sons to re­turn from war a sol­dier or die try­ing.

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