4 types of photo film

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da­guerreo­type 1839, France

The ear­li­est prac­ti­cal pho­to­graphic process didn’t use film. Light­sen­si­tive chem­i­cals were formed on a sil­ver-plated cop­per sheet.

Pho­to­graphic Plates 1850s, great britain

Pho­to­graphic plates came be­fore pho­to­graphic film. Light-sen­si­tive emul­sion was painted onto glass plates to cre­ate an im­age.

Flex­i­ble Film 1885, united states

The first flex­i­ble film roll was sold by Ge­orge East­man but this orig­i­nal film just con­sisted of a coat­ing on a pa­per base.

Po­laroid 1973, united states

Po­laroid in­tro­duced an in­stant film con­tain­ing chem­i­cals that will com­plete the de­vel­op­ing and fix­ing process af­ter each ex­po­sure.

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