8th – 10th Cen­tury

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This an­cient Chi­nese sport is recog­nised by FIFA as the ear­li­est form of foot­ball, though it likely evolved sep­a­rately in Eu­rope. Al­though cuju is first men­tioned be­tween the 3rd – 2nd cen­tury BCE, the pic­tured par­tic­u­lar style of ball orig­i­nated dur­ing the Tang dy­nasty. It is made of eight pieces of cus­pate leather, and filled with air to re­place the orig­i­nal de­sign, which was just two pieces of leather stuffed with hair. Later on in the Song dy­nasty, the ball evolved again, with 12 pieces of leather and feather stuff­ing.

This is a replica of an eight piece ju (ball) used dur­ing the Tang and Song Dy­nas­ties

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