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pre-18th Cen­tury

Kī-o-rahi is a tra­di­tional Māori sport, which was played a long time be­fore the Eu­ro­peans ar­rived in New Zealand, al­though lit­tle is known about its his­tory. It in­volves two teams play­ing on a cir­cu­lar pitch, and the ball, called a ‘kī’, is made from flax wo­ven to­gether. It is a fast-mov­ing con­tact sport, and is said to have in­flu­enced the game of rugby, with el­e­ments sim­i­lar to dodge­ball and tag. To this day, kī-o-rahi re­mains a pop­u­lar sport in New Zealand.

A tra­di­tional kī ball, made from wo­ven flax

This im­age de­picts the con­struc­tion of real ten­nis rack­ets from the mid-18th cen­tury

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