Rus­sians in the fray

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As re­lated by the Me­dieval Rus­sian Nov­gorod Chron­i­cle, Alexan­der sta­tions his men right be­hind the un­even ice floes on the lakeshore at a site known as Raven’s Rock where he waits for the Ger­man as­sault. The prince has around 5,000 troops con­sist­ing of 2,000 mili­ti­a­men from Nov­gorod in the front and cen­tre of his line; his 600-man pro­fes­sional druzhina, or body­guard; and the 400-strong druzhina of his brother, An­drey, from Suz­dal, be­hind the mili­tia. These are sup­ported by tribal Fin­nish war­riors and steppe no­mad horse archers placed on the Rus­sian right wing. Raven’s Rock is the slen­der­est cross­ing point of Lake Pei­pus.

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