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The Hin­den­burg’s frame was made from an alu­minium al­loy called du­ra­lu­min and was longer than three Boe­ing 747s placed nose to tail. The air­ship was filled with up to 200,000 cu­bic me­tres (7,062,000 cu­bic feet) of hy­dro­gen in 16 sep­a­rate gas bags, which made the ship buoy­ant. The ship’s cot­ton outer skin was coated with a lac­quer known as dope, which made it air­tight. It was also painted with an alu­minium pow­der, which re­flected sun­light to stop the hy­dro­gen over­heat­ing, while an in­te­rior layer of iron ox­ide ab­sorbed ul­tra­vi­o­let ra­di­a­tion for the same rea­son.

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