01 To make nine moon­cakes, start with pas­try.

Take a large bowl and add the golden syrup, veg­etable oil and lye wa­ter and whisk un­til they are mixed to­gether.

02 Add 240g of the all-pur­pose flour and care­fully stir to com­bine all the in­gre­di­ents. Cover the bowl with cling film and leave for four hours. 03 Pre­heat the oven to 175°C. If you haven’t done so al­ready, peel and rinse the salted eggs be­fore care­fully re­mov­ing the whole yolks. Place the yolks on a bak­ing tray and put them in the oven for five min­utes.

04 Spread the melon seeds onto a bak­ing tray, put them in the oven for five min­utes. Then mix the roasted seeds and the lo­tus paste to­gether un­til the two are combined.

05 Roll the lo­tus paste into a log and di­vide into nine equal pieces, rolling them into balls. Tak­ing the pas­try dough from ear­lier, add the re­main­ing 120g of all-pur­pose flour and gen­tly knead un­til it has all combined. Di­vide the dough into nine equal pieces and roll each one into a ball. 06 Take a lo­tus paste ball and poke a hole in the mid­dle with your fin­ger, plac­ing an egg yolk in­side. Cover the yolk com­pletely and re­shape the paste into a ball. Flat­ten a dough ball onto your hand wrap the lo­tus fill­ing with it. Re­peat this un­til all nine balls are com­plete.

07 Dust some flour into the mould and stuff a moon­cake ball into it. Turn the mould up­right and press down on the han­dle. Re­move the mould, us­ing the plunger to push the moon­cake out. Re­peat the process un­til all nine moon­cakes are done.

08 Pre­heat the oven to 200°C. Place the moon­cakes on a tray lined with bak­ing pa­per and bake for ten min­utes in the oven. When they are done, put the moon­cakes on a wire rack to cool for five min­utes.

09 Tak­ing the egg wash, brush the top of the moon­cakes thor­oughly and then place them back in the oven for an­other ten min­utes, or un­til they are golden brown. Best served while sip­ping tea and gaz­ing at a full moon.

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