Saint isi­dore of Seville c.560-636

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Isi­dore was raised and ed­u­cated in Seville and he suc­ceeded his brother, Le­an­der, as bishop of the city fol­low­ing the lat­ter’s death around the year 600. He held this po­si­tion for over three decades, dur­ing which time he be­came noted for his in­tel­lec­tual skills. Isi­dore fa­mously spent the last two decades of his life com­pil­ing the Ety­molo­gies, an en­cy­clopae­dia of knowl­edge col­lected from hun­dreds of clas­si­cal sources. Com­prised of 20 vol­umes and di­vided by sub­ject, it cov­ers a wide range of top­ics from an­i­mals and cities to lore of the late clas­si­cal world. It was the most used text­book in the Mid­dle Ages.

Isi­dore was nom­i­nated as the pa­tron saint of the in­ter­net by the late Pope John Paul II, al­though the Vat­i­can has not made this of­fi­cial yet

Isi­dore was of­fi­cially canon­ised as a saint in 1598

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