Women who changed the world

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Sci­ence, math­e­mat­ics, art, po­etry, and pol­i­tics. Women have ex­celled in these fields – and so many more – de­spite the bar­ri­ers they’ve had to over­come. Many of these dis­ci­plines have been ei­ther com­pletely closed to women, or so male-dom­i­nated that even be­ing heard can be la­bo­ri­ous. Queens reg­nant have had to defy the stereo­typ­i­cal trap­pings of gen­der, or wrest power from grasp­ing states­men to rule their coun­tries and em­pires. From Harriet Tub­man to Frida Kahlo, Cleopa­tra to Marie Curie, His­tory’s Great­est Women col­lects to­gether the sto­ries of in­spi­ra­tional women from around the world, re­veal­ing the chal­lenges they faced, the ac­com­plish­ments they achieved, and ad­ven­tures they went on.

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