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Eight ob­jects from the Musée de l’ar­mée’s new ex­hi­bi­tion that put paid to the lie of peace in 1918

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Ob­jects that tell the shock­ing tale of the wars that fol­lowed Ar­mistice, cour­tesy of Paris’ Musée de l’ar­mée

The end of the Great War of 1914 to 1918 brought about the col­lapse of four great em­pires. The Rus­sian Em­pire was torn apart by a rev­o­lu­tion­ary Civil War be­tween Bol­she­vik Reds and na­tion­al­ist/con­ser­va­tive Whites; the Ot­toman Em­pire was par­ti­tioned by Bri­tain and France with­out the con­sul­ta­tion or con­sent of Arab na­tion­al­ists; the Aus­tro-hun­gar­ian Em­pire was re­placed by myr­iad new Slavic states who fought over bor­ders and po­lit­i­cal set­tle­ments; and the Ger­man Em­pire lost a chunk of its eastern marches to birth the first in­de­pen­dent Poland since 1795. In The East: War With­out End, 19181923, a new ex­hi­bi­tion at Musée de l’ar­mée, the French na­tional mil­i­tary mu­seum in Paris, tells the story of these con­flicts, many of which are largely over­looked in the west yet con­tinue to de­fine much of mod­ern geopol­i­tics.

The legacy of 1918 can be seen in the poi­sonous eth­nic and cul­tural fault lines that have led to war in Crimea and Ukraine, and Franco-bri­tish divi­sion of the Mid­dle East that cre­ated nearly a cen­tury of in­sta­bil­ity in the re­gion.

Col­lect­ing arte­facts from mu­se­ums across Eastern Europe as well as its own ar­chives, In

The East: War With­out End, 1918-1923 is on at the Musée de l’ar­mée un­til 16 Jan­uary 2019.

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