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Daugh­ter of Au­gus­tus, Ju­lia the El­der died in shame. She mar­ried three times to fur­ther the causes of her fa­ther – the first time was to Mar­cel­lus, her cousin. The sec­ond was to Agrippa, and the two fell in love. When he died, she was forced to marry the fu­ture em­peror Tiberius and it was an un­happy match. When Tiberius left Rome he left his wife be­hind and she em­barked on a pro­mis­cu­ous life. After threat­en­ing her with death Au­gus­tus ex­iled her and she even­tu­ally died of mal­nu­tri­tion.

Ju­lia had five chil­dren withAgrippa

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