149 Ce-181 Ce

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When Lu­cilla was 12, her fa­ther, Mar­cus Aure­lius, be­came co-em­peror of Rome and Lu­cilla was mar­ried to his equal, Lu­cius Verus. She du­ti­fully bore her hus­band a child but Lu­cius died three years later. Her sec­ond mar­riage was to politi­cian and com­man­der Tiberius Claudius Pom­peianus and she gave him a son. These were peace­ful years, but that was all about to change. Her fa­ther died in 180 CE, leav­ing her brother, Com­modus, to as­cend the throne. It only took a year for things to go down­hill – re­al­is­ing her brother was tyrant, Lu­cilla joined a plot to as­sas­si­nate him but the con­spir­a­tors were found out. In a fit of rage, Com­modus ex­iled his sis­ter to Capri where she was ex­e­cuted.

Lu­cilla’s death was or­dered by her own brother

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