His­tory vs Hol­ly­wood

Op­er­a­tion Fi­nale re­counts the brave mis­sion to cap­ture one of the big­gest Nazi per­pe­tra­tors of the Holo­caust – but does it stick to the facts?

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Was Net­flix’s Op­er­a­tion Fi­nale the fi­nal nail in the cof­fin of truth?

Mos­sad agent Peter Malkin poses as a painter while ob­serv­ing on-the-run for­mer Nazi Adolf Eich­mann in Ar­gentina. Malkin was an artist in real life, in­spired by his time un­der­cover, and some of the im­ages he painted of Eich­mann are in­cluded in his book.

Just like in the movie Malkin re­ally did cap­ture Eich­mann us­ing a neck lock, bundling him into a wait­ing car. He also wore gloves so that his bare hand wouldn’t touch Eich­mann’s mouth, which is some­thing that Malkin ad­mit­ted to in his book.

Eich­mann re­ally was drugged to get him onto the plane to Is­rael but the doc­tor who se­dates him, Dr Hanna Elian, is a fic­tional char­ac­ter. In real life it was a male doc­tor, Dr Yonah Elian, who drugged Eich­mann and it is only his sur­name that is used in the movie.

Though the film presents a nail-bit­ing mo­ment where the plane car­ry­ing Eich­mann al­most doesn’t take off, this is just pure fic­tion added for dra­matic ten­sion. In real­ity, the op­er­a­tion went smoothly and Malkin never had to go to the air­port for a land per­mit.

For his safety Eich­mann re­ally did have to sit in­side a glass booth for his trial. Made from bul­let­proof glass it was in­tended to pro­tect Eich­mann from any assassination at­tempts. Just as in the film, he was given the death sen­tence and ex­e­cuted in 1962.

Verdict Op­er­a­tion Fi­nale largely ad­heres to his­tor­i­cal record, de­spite some in­ac­cu­ra­cies

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