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Par­al­lel uni­verses. They’re the uni­verses that could ex­ist quite com­fort­ably next to ours, cre­at­ing a so-called mul­ti­verse. What’s more, they could solve a pretty com­plex prob­lem with black holes: where does the in­for­ma­tion that falls into them go? Is it de­stroyed, vi­o­lat­ing quan­tum me­chan­ics, or is it en­veloped by a blaz­ing fire­wall, com­pletely de­fy­ing Ein­stein’s fa­mous the­ory of gen­eral rel­a­tiv­ity? It’s a puz­zle. That’s where par­al­lel uni­verses come in – ac­cord­ing to re­cent re­search, it could be that black holes are leak­ing all of their in­for­ma­tion from our cos­mos into an­other. This is­sue, we chat to the as­tro­physi­cists who are un­tan­gling the co­nun­drum. Turn to page 16 as they re­veal how they've solved the mystery of black holes – the great­est para­dox ever known.

Else­where, we find out why our So­lar Sys­tem is in­cred­i­bly odd, re­veal where time comes from and give you the tools in spot­ting those fake space pho­tos you find on the In­ter­net. Physi­cist Mi­chio Kaku, known for his books in­clud­ing The Fu­ture of Hu­man­ity, dropped by to pro­vide his ul­ti­mate guide to the com­plex uni­verse – he’s made string the­ory di­gestible, re­veals if the in­ter­stel­lar warp drive is ac­tu­ally go­ing to be pos­si­ble and has weighed in on the launch of SpaceX’s Fal­con Heavy rocket. There’s plenty to get stuck into this month – en­joy the is­sue!

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