Is it pos­si­ble that we're liv­ing in a sim­u­la­tion?

All About Space - - Michio Kaku -

There are sev­eral in­ter­pre­ta­tions of that. Some peo­ple think that re­al­ity may be a sim­u­la­tion, like in The Ma­trix. I don’t think so.

First of all, us­ing New­ton’s laws, and as­sum­ing that the at­mos­phere is com­posed of tiny lit­tle mar­bles in­stead of atoms, the world’s largest com­puter could not sim­u­late the at­mos­phere. It’s too com­pli­cated. The small­est ob­ject that can sim­u­late the weather is the weather it­self. There­fore weather is ‘un­sim­u­lat­able’, as it has too many par­ti­cles.

Quan­tum me­chan­ics makes it in­ci­den­tally worse, be­cause now, in­stead we have bil­liard balls rep­re­sent­ing atoms. Atoms can also spin up, spin down and spin side­wards si­mul­ta­ne­ously. So it be­comes a night­mare try­ing to sim­u­late quan­tum me­chan­ics and the mo­tion of par­ti­cles.

There­fore I do not be­lieve that we are in a sim­u­la­tion. I don’t think there is a su­per CD-ROM where if you push the play but­ton then here we are hav­ing this con­ver­sa­tion. I think quan­tum me­chan­ics is sim­ply too com­plex, with too many pos­si­bil­i­ties, so that re­al­ity can be re­duced to a CD-ROM and some­body hit our play but­ton.

If you be­lieve that the gal­axy is teem­ing with Earth­like ex­tra­so­lar plan­ets, then you have to ask a very valid ques­tion: could there be in­tel­li­gent life? In this case, why don’t they visit us? Why don’t they land on the White House lawn and give us the...

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