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Buck­han­non, West Vir­ginia Equip­ment:

16-inch RCOS Ritchey-Chré­tien, owned by the Univer­sity of

North Carolina PROMPT2 at Star Shad­ows Re­mote Ob­ser­va­tory at CTIO

“Here are NGC 6726 and 6727 in the con­stel­la­tion Corona Aus­tralis, which com­prise the blue re­flec­tion in the up­per right. The dou­ble star BSO 14 on the lower left il­lu­mi­nates the re­flec­tion neb­ula IC 4812. The in­trigu­ing, yel­low­ish ob­ject above and to the left is vari­able neb­ula

NGC 6729. Two tiny, but beau­ti­ful red Her­big-Haro (HH) ob­jects can be seen to its left, namely HH 98 and 101. Named af­ter as­tronomers Ge­orge Her­big and Guillermo Haro, these are jets of gas ejected by young stars at speeds of 100 to 1,000 kilo­me­tres (62 to 620 miles) per sec­ond. Shock fronts cre­ate a glow as the gas is heated by fric­tion and ex­cited by nearby hot stars.”

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