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Jas­pal Chadha

Lon­don, UK Equip­ment: Taka­hashi FSQ106 quadru­plet re­frac­tor, QHY128C CMOS, iOp­tron 45 Pro “My lat­est image of the Orion Neb­ula (M42), with the Run­ning Man Neb­ula (Sh2-279) within the same field of view. Found in the con­stel­la­tion of Orion, south of Orion’s Belt, Messier 42 is

1,344 light-years away. Along the as­ter­ism Orion’s Sword and just 0.6 de­grees north of the Orion Neb­ula, Sh2-279 is fur­ther away from Earth at a dis­tance of 1,500 light years. It in­cludes a se­lec­tion of dif­fer­ent neb­u­lae: bright, re­flec­tion and a

HII re­gion.

“I am re­ally pleased with this image; I haven’t used a colour cam­era for sev­eral years and the re­sults were fan­tas­tic, even from the light pol­luted skies of Lon­don.”

Orion Neb­ula (M42) & Run­ning Man Neb­ula (Sh2-279)

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