What is a quark star?

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Outer crust A quark star would have an outer crust, po­ten­tially made up of densely packed neu­trons like those found in a neu­tron star.

Slightly smaller than a neu­tron star A quark star would be slightly smaller than a neu­tron star, which tend to be be­tween 10 and 20km (6.2 and 12.4 miles) in ra­dius.

No in­ner core Un­like a neu­tron star, a quark star would not have an in­ner core of pro­tons, elec­trons and so on, it would only have quark mat­ter in­side.

Free quarks In­side a quark star, the quarks would be free com­pared to in­side a neu­tron star, where they are con­fined as neu­trons.

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