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This month All About Space gets to the bot­tom of what hap­pens when black holes turn white. It turns out that these mys­te­ri­ous, high-grav­ity ob­jects have a pen­chant for ex­plod­ing, be­com­ing their ex­act op­po­sites and, rather than ‘suck­ing’ ev­ery­thing in, they blow ev­ery­thing out. I am, of course, talk­ing about the white hole, and it seems that they can re­veal quite a bit about the na­ture of the fab­ric of space and time. Turn to page 16 for Colin Stuart’s full re­port on this in­cred­i­ble new break­through in re­search.

Else­where in the is­sue, All About Space’s Staff Writer Lee Cavendish digs deeper into the re­cent dis­cov­ery of or­gan­ics in the plumes shoot­ing out from the sur­face of icy moon Ence­ladus, which or­bits ringed gi­ant Saturn. What does this mean for our hunt for life in our So­lar Sys­tem? What could this life be like? Do sci­en­tists think that we’ve fi­nally struck gold?

If you’ve ever won­dered where we’re at in our de­vel­op­ments to travel faster than light, then look no fur­ther than this is­sue; we speak to the re­searchers who have con­sid­ered ev­ery­thing from warp drives to worm­holes in our ef­forts to beat the cos­mic speed limit.

Lastly, we're start­ing to move into ob­serv­ing sea­son, so there's plenty for you to get stuck into with our ul­ti­mate guide to the plan­ets, naked­eye tar­gets and deep-sky chal­lenges.

En­joy the is­sue!

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