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You've prob­a­bly heard much about a so-called ghost par­ti­cle in the news re­cently; a mem­ber of the fun­da­men­tal fam­ily of par­ti­cles that make up all known mat­ter and move unim­peded through the uni­verse, in­ter­act­ing with al­most noth­ing, you can see how they get their name.

But as­tronomers know them as some­thing that's much more fa­mil­iar to you and I – the neu­trino. You'd be right in think­ing that they are made in the Sun, but they also hail from a more-dis­tant lo­ca­tion: a su­per-ac­tive galaxy that's fir­ing high-en­ergy ghost par­ti­cles right at us.

What's par­tic­u­larly in­ter­est­ing about th­ese cos­mic neu­tri­nos is that, as you'll dis­cover on page 16, we've fi­nally pin­pointed where they're com­ing from in deep space. What's more, now that we've fi­nally caught th­ese speed freaks we're able to work out much more about their role in the uni­verse. Take a trip over to the bot­tom of the world – that is, the Antarc­tic – with us to find out more.

Else­where in the is­sue we un­cover whether there is a hole in the Sun, and meet the sci­en­tists who ac­tu­ally make plan­ets in a lab­o­ra­tory here on Earth. What's more, we've also got plenty for you to get stuck into in terms of stargaz­ing.

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Gemma Laven­der



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