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The Mer­cury Sur­face, Space En­vi­ron­ment, Geo­chem­istry, and Rang­ing, or MES­SEN­GER, be­came the first space­craft to or­bit Mer­cury on 18 March 2011 (UTC). BepiColombo will be the sec­ond-ever mis­sion to or­bit Mer­cury.

In terms of size, MES­SEN­GER was smaller than BepiColombo’s MPO (the larger of the two or­biters). MES­SEN­GER's main body was 1.44 me­tres (4.7 foot) high, 1.28 me­tres (4.2 foot) long and 1.85 me­tres (6.1 foot) wide. MPO is 0.26 me­tres (0.9 foot) taller, 1.12 me­tres (3.7 foot) longer and 0.35 me­tres (0.8 foot) wider.

The BepiColombo or­biters have over twotimes as many in­stru­ments as MES­SEN­GER. This means the ob­ser­va­tional fire­power at ESA and JAXA’s dis­posal is some­thing never to have graced Mer­cury be­fore.

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