Un­der­stand­ing the ap­pa­ra­tus

The OMEGA lasers and di­a­mond anvil cells are vi­tal when in cre­at­ing this sam­ple

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OMEGA lasers

Th­ese lasers pro­duce 30 kilo­joules of en­ergy in one-bil­lionth of a sec­ond, heat­ing the sam­ple up to thou­sands of de­grees.

Op­pos­ing di­a­monds Di­a­mond is the hard­est ma­te­rial in the world, mak­ing it ideal for ap­ply­ing as much pres­sure as pos­si­ble with lit­tle de­for­ma­tion and crack­ing.

Rhe­nium gas­ket

The gas­ket is a thin piece of ma­te­rial sur­round­ing the sam­ple in be­tween the di­a­monds, act­ing as a seal in or­der to avoid leak­age.

Hy­dro­gen sam­ple

The hy­dro­gen sam­ple is only in the or­der of mi­cro­grams, but it is enough for sci­en­tists to care­fully ob­serve and study as it shifts into a me­tal­lic state.

Re­flected light

Me­tal­lic hy­dro­gen is more re­flec­tive than molec­u­lar hy­dro­gen, mean­ing the light that bounces back to the de­tec­tors holds the an­swers to this study.

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