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7 Mariner sent ro­botic probes to the rocky plan­ets be­tween 1962 and 1973, and with each new mis­sion we learnt more about our clos­est plan­e­tary neigh­bours.

NASA probed Venus' thick at­mos­phere with ra­dio waves and sam­pled its mag­netic field, and was able to con­firm Venus was a hot, high-pres­sure world.

Mariner 9 was the first space­craft to or­bit an­other planet, pho­tograph­ing 85 per cent of the Mar­tian sur­face, un­veil­ing Olym­pus Mons along with canyons and craters, adding to the data and im­ages from pre­vi­ous mis­sions. Mariner 10 passed both Venus and Mer­cury on its jour­ney.

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