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12 Galileo ar­rived at Jupiter or­bit in De­cem­ber 1995, hav­ing re­leased an at­mo­spheric probe five months ear­lier. The probe flew ahead and sur­vived for 57 min­utes as it de­scended through Jupiter’s cloud tops. It dis­cov­ered Jupiter was denser, hot­ter and more ra­dioac­tive than ex­pected, with less he­lium than pre­dicted and fewer cloud lay­ers.

Mean­while, in or­bit, Galileo was able to con­firm vol­canic ac­tiv­ity on the moon Io, find ev­i­dence for a liq­uid sub­sur­face ocean un­der Europa, dis­cover a thin at­mos­phere on three moons and de­tect a mag­netic field on the moon Ganymede, the first moon to be shown to have one.

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