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13 Launched in April 1990 aboard

Dis­cov­ery, Hub­ble’s 547-kilo­me­tre

(340-mile) al­ti­tude puts it well out­side Earth’s at­mos­phere, higher than Shut­tles usu­ally op­er­ate. Only Dis­cov­ery’s 1997 mis­sion to boost the tele­scope’s or­bit has gone higher.

Along with pro­duc­ing beau­ti­ful im­ages of the uni­verse it has ac­cu­rately mea­sured the dis­tances to Cepheid vari­able stars, al­low­ing a more ac­cu­rate mea­sure­ment of the ex­pan­sion of the uni­verse, which also al­lows a more ac­cu­rate es­ti­mate of its age.

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