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Lo­ca­tion, lo­ca­tion, lo­ca­tion Find some­where with no light pol­lu­tion, no pass­ing traf­fic and a clear view to the south west. Firm ground would be a bonus too.

Keep it tight

Make sure ev­ery­thing on your tri­pod is tight­ened up and fixed firmly in place be­fore tak­ing pho­tos. The slight­est slip will give you blurry pho­tos.

Grab as much sky as you can Use the widest an­gle lens in your kit bag. A stan­dard 50mm lens will do, but you’ll cap­ture much more of the Milky Way with an 18mm or wider lens.

Keep your ex­po­sures short

Make sure you take ex­po­sures short enough to keep the stars as pin­points. Ex­pose too long and you’ll get trails in­stead.

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