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Ob­serv­ing sea­son is here at last – and, as al­ways, we've got plenty of guid­ance on the tar­gets and spec­ta­cles that sim­ply can't be missed, ac­cord­ing to our team of astronomers. That's not all; we want you to get the very best from your ob­ser­va­tions, so we've com­piled an easy-to-fol­low list that'll en­sure that you be­come an even bet­ter stargazer this year. Turn to page 78 for our full night-sky guide for this sea­son.

If you find your­self clouded out this month, then not to worry – we've got plenty to keep you en­ter­tained this is­sue. Dis­cover how as­tro­physi­cists have re­alised that grav­ity doesn't make a great deal of sense in our un­der­stand­ing of the uni­verse – and why they're propos­ing a re­place­ment. Head over to page 16 for why the force that keeps us on the ground re­ally doesn't make much sense.

Else­where, we've in­tro­duced a new sec­tion to the mag­a­zine – in­stant ex­pert – which helps you to un­der­stand as­tro­phys­i­cal con­cepts in five min­utes or less. Let us know what you think! We’ve also re­cently rein­tro­duced our Q&A sec­tion (for­merly known as spacean­swers) to All About Space, where we get a panel of ex­perts from the fields of space sci­ence, as­tron­omy and space ex­plo­ration to an­swer your ques­tions. Got a ques­tion that you'd like an­swered? Send them into us over at space@spacean­swers.com, or on Face­book or Twit­ter!

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