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When se­lect­ing a back­ground im­age there is an op­tion to pick the im­age ran­domly. This will let Lady Luck de­cide, mean­ing you could ei­ther end up in front of a cloud of gas il­lu­mi­nated by newly formed stars, or a side-on view of a galaxy.


Make sure that the face that will be placed in the as­tro­naut hel­met is within the white box. There is also the op­tion to switch from the front cam­era to the back cam­era, a fea­ture that is avail­able on vir­tu­ally all mod­ern smart­phones.


When you have taken the pic­ture, you then have the op­tion to share the im­age.

This will give you the op­tion to mes­sage it, email it or post it on what­ever so­cial me­dia plat­form takes your fancy.


Once the im­age is pre­pared there is a pop-up in­for­ma­tion sec­tion that will ap­pear once the ti­tle of the im­age is pressed in the bot­tom-left cor­ner of the im­age. This will pro­vide a more com­pre­hen­sive de­scrip­tion of the im­age you have cho­sen.

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