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Tablets are won­der­ful hand­held com­put­ers that can be con­trolled at the press of a fin­ger. These handy de­vices are used by peo­ple across the globe, and even fur­ther up­wards on the In­ter­na­tional Space Sta­tion.

Ap­ple claims to have in­vented the tablet with the re­lease of its iPad. How­ever, Sam­sung made an ex­tremely in­ter­est­ing case in court that it didn’t: Stan­ley Kubrick and Sir Arthur C. Clarke did in the sci-fi clas­sic 2001: A Space Odyssey, a space-ex­plo­ration film re­leased in 1968.

This film is renowned for be­ing ahead of its time, with its de­pic­tions of space travel and im­agery be­ing sur­pris­ingly ac­cu­rate. In the film, Dr David Bow­man (Keir Dul­lea) and Dr Frank Poole (Gary Lock­wood) watch news up­dates from their flat-screen com­put­ers, re­ferred to in the film as ‘news­pads’.

Sam­sung claimed that these ‘news­pads’ were the orig­i­nal tablet; the made-up tech­nol­ogy that fea­tured in a film over 40 years be­fore the first iPad ar­rived in 2010.

Porta­bil­ityMod­ern tablets can be as pow­er­ful as com­put­ers, but their small size means they are easy to use on the go. Recog­ni­tionTablets to­day are ca­pa­ble of recog­nis­ing fin­ger­prints and even fa­cial fea­tures of their owner for bet­ter se­cu­rity.

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