Five things that don’t make sense about grav­ity

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It is re­ally weak Although it can never re­duce to zero, grav­ity is around 1040 times weaker than the elec­tro­mag­netic force that holds atoms to­gether, and no one re­ally knows why.

We have no the­ory for quan­tum grav­ity Cur­rently, when try­ing to de­scribe grav­ity on the tini­est scales, if we try to tie grav­ity into quan­tum me­chan­ics, the equa­tions just don’t add up.

Grav­ity can only at­tract ob­jects Un­like the other forces, such as elec­tro­mag­netism, grav­ity only works in one di­rec­tion. Ob­jects can only be at­tracted through grav­ity, not re­pelled.

We can’t counter grav­ity Be­cause grav­ity is only an at­trac­tive force, we have no way of over­com­ing it. This is a prob­lem for peo­ple who want to travel large dis­tances in space.

Not ev­ery­one agrees what it re­ally is Some call grav­ity a force, but oth­ers, like Ein­stein, say it is not a force. In­stead, it is sim­ply a con­se­quence of the shape of space-time.

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