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Cour­tesy of Quarto Pub­lish­ing, here’s ev­ery­thing you need to know about the build­ing blocks of the uni­verse

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A bold new ti­tle which places its sub­ject cen­tre stage, shin­ing the spot­light di­rectly onto the struc­ture and prop­er­ties of the tiny par­ti­cles that make up ev­ery­thing you see.

The Atom cov­ers a huge range of top­ics, in­clud­ing the de­vel­op­ment of sci­en­tific think­ing about the atom, the ba­sic struc­ture of the atom, how the in­ter­ac­tions be­tween atoms ac­count for the fa­mil­iar prop­er­ties of ev­ery­day ma­te­ri­als, the power and mys­tery of the atomic nu­cleus and what the mys­te­ri­ous quan­tum realm of sub­atomic par­ti­cles and their in­ter­ac­tions can tell us about the very na­ture of re­al­ity.

Sparkling text ban­ishes an out­dated world of dull chem­istry as it brightly in­tro­duces the reader to what ev­ery­thing is made of and how it all works on the most fun­da­men­tal level.

Con­grat­u­la­tions to Jonathan Daniel, who is the win­ner of the Sky-watcher Ex­plorer 130-PS (AZ5) tele­scope

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