Un­cov­er­ing an­cient su­per­clus­ters

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As­tronomers utilised the pow­er­ful light-col­lect­ing abil­i­ties of the Euro­pean South­ern Ob­ser­va­tory’s (ESO) Very Large Tele­scope to find a be­he­moth cos­mic struc­ture that was formed just two bil­lion years after the Big Bang. This proto-su­per­clus­ter of gal­ax­ies has been nick­named Hype­r­ion and, at an es­ti­mated mass of more than one mil­lion bil­lion-times that of our Sun, is the 'heav­i­est' and largest struc­ture to be found at such an in­cred­i­ble dis­tance of 11 bil­lion light years away, dat­ing it at roughly 20 per cent the uni­verse's cur­rent age.

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