CHEOPS will fur­ther ex­o­planet knowl­edge

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A com­bined mis­sion be­tween the Swiss Space Of­fice (SSO) and the Euro­pean Space Agency (ESA), the CHar­ac­ter­is­ing Ex­O­Plan­ets Satel­lite (CHEOPS) is a planned space tele­scope that will aid in the study of known ex­o­plan­ets dis­cov­ered in pre­vi­ous mis­sions. Launch­ing from the Guiana Space Cen­tre in Kourou, French Guiana, its main goal will be to take mea­sure­ments of ex­o­plan­ets which have al­ready had their mass es­ti­mated by ground-based sur­veys.

By know­ing the radii and the mass of an ex­o­planet through CHEOPS data sci­en­tists will be able to de­ter­mine the den­sity of the ex­o­plan­ets, hint­ing at their com­po­si­tion, which will make them eas­ier to char­ac­terise. CHEOPS will also be able to search for shal­low tran­sits of plan­ets by mea­sur­ing pho­to­met­ric sig­nals.

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