Boe­ing’s Star­liner takes off

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The CST-100 Star­liner – with CST stand­ing for Crew Space Trans­porta­tion – is Boe­ing’s an­swer to the Com­mer­cial Crew Devel­op­ment pro­gram, de­signed to pi­lot crews to the ISS and any fu­ture space sta­tions. Sim­i­lar in con­cept to Lock­heed Mar­tin’s Orion mod­ule, the 4.56-me­tre (15-foot) cap­sule is de­signed to carry larger crews of up to seven peo­ple, though for this pri­mary test it will launch un­manned. Like the Dragon 2 craft de­signed by SpaceX it will be re­us­able, with an es­ti­mated ten-mis­sion us­age.

The craft will per­form its first test in March 2019, at­tempt­ing to ren­dezvous and con­nect with the ISS us­ing its NASA Dock­ing Sys­tem be­fore re­turn­ing to Earth for fur­ther anal­y­sis.

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