Sur­vey­ing former glaciers

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As Mars Ex­press swooped over the sur­face of Mars its High Res­o­lu­tion Stereo Cam­era (HRSC) found some in­trigu­ing traits in Mars' trop­i­cal and mid-lat­i­tude re­gions. Within these re­gions were fea­tures re­lat­ing to re­cent and re­cur­ring glacial ac­tiv­ity, known as de­bris aprons.

In a re­gion called Promethei Terra, on the eastern rim of the Hel­las Basin, there was an un­usual ‘hour­glass‘-shaped fea­ture which caught the at­ten­tion of many. Re­search found that it’s an im­pact crater filled to the brim with ice and an as­sort­ment of small rocks. The lack of im­pact craters on the de­posits in­di­cates it’s rel­a­tively young – an­other sig­nif­i­cant piece of ev­i­dence in de­ter­min­ing the pre­vi­ous cli­mate his­tory of Mars.

Glaciers likely shaped the mid-lat­i­tude sur­face of Mars just a few mil­lion years ago

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