How we can test dark en­ergy

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Mea­sure galaxy shapes Light is bent by mat­ter, so galaxy shapes are dis­torted if there’s a clump of dark mat­ter be­tween us and them. Map­ping dark mat­ter helps pin down dark en­ergy’s in­flu­ence. De­tect su­per­novae

If a source of light moves away from us the wave­length stretches. This red­shift shows how fast a Type Ia su­per­nova is mov­ing away from us, while its bright­ness re­veals its dis­tance. Ex­am­ine the CMB

The Cos­mic Mi­crowave Back­ground (CMB) is ra­di­a­tion emit­ted just after the Big Bang. It’s so far pro­vided back­ing for a uni­verse con­tain­ing both dark mat­ter and dark en­ergy. Look for new par­ti­cles

If your lab equip­ment is sen­si­tive enough you might be able to de­tect the mi­nus­cule ef­fect of a ‘fifth force’ on atoms here on Earth. This small-scale ex­per­i­ment can be done in a short timescale.

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