All About Space

The white hole

Nobody has ever seen a 'reverse black hole' but what could they look like in theory?


Spewing out

White holes are thought to have a massless singularit­y and matter absorbed by a black hole is emitted rather than absorbed. This would mean white holes are stunningly bright.

Creating a bridge

There's a suggestion that black holes transition to white holes immediatel­y and that a wormhole may even connect the two: the so-called Einstein-Rosen bridge.

Loss of informatio­n

With black holes, matter enters but nothing leaves. Once something – even light – reaches the event horizon there is no escape, which means all informatio­n is lost. Or does it?

Quantum bounce

Black holes are dying stars collapsing under their own weight, but what if it reaches a stage where it cannot get any smaller? An outward pressure called a quantum bounce could create a white hole.

Black hole in reverse

A white hole is the opposite of a black hole so, at the event horizon, nothing would be able to enter.

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