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Pluto’s facts and stats



One day on Pluto takes 153 hours. It has a retrograde rotation, meaning it spins from east to west.

NASA’s New Horizons was the fastest man-made object launched from Earth at 16.26 kilometres (10.10 miles) per second.

Charon, Pluto’s largest moon, also takes 153 hours to complete one orbit around Pluto, meaning this moon never rises or sets.


The Sun would be 1/900 the brightness on Pluto than it is on Earth, equal to 300-times the brightness of a full Moon.

Pluto’s mountains can reach as high as two to three kilometres (6,500 to 9,800 feet) and are essentiall­y composed of water ice.

There is no evidence to suggest Pluto has a magnetosph­ere, but its small size and slow rotation suggests it is unlikely.

It takes 5.5 hours for sunlight to reach Pluto, as light has to travel 40-times as far than it does to Earth.

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