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Star Walk 2


Cost: £1.99/$3.40

From: iTunes

If you have difficulty finding your way around the night sky and you can’t afford a GoTo, then Star Walk 2 is the next best thing since it’s able to work out the exact location as well as the celestial object that you point your iPhone at. Like the original,

Star Walk 2 works by pointing it at the sky to get a real-time view of celestial bodies. As you move it around the app constantly adjusts to show what is out there beyond Earth.

Of course, it works in reverse too, by helping you to find the object that you wish to locate. Using a GoTo, we followed up the RA and Dec coordinate­s to see how accurate it is and were impressed to find that, on harnessing the iPhone’s GPS capabiliti­es, it was almost spot on. There are several display options. You can change up how stark the constellat­ions appear, either by drawing subtle lines between them or by using a more animated character. Star Walk 2 also adds in soothing space music and various sound effects, which you can toggle off if they are not to your liking. Visual effect choices are present for the atmosphere, horizon, and a body of water that floats across the screen. Star Walk is also augmented reality enabled.

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