In­side Uranus

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Plan­e­tary core

Uranus’ core ex­tends to about a fifth of the planet’s full di­am­e­ter, and is made of rock, ice and sil­ica. Its tem­per­a­ture is thought to be around 5,000°C (9,032°F).

Icy man­tle

This isn’t ice as we know it. Uranus’ man­tle is made up of a hot, dense fluid sci­en­tists re­fer to as a wa­t­er­am­mo­nia ocean.

Po­ten­tial heat­trap­ping layer

Sci­en­tists have not con­firmed the ex­is­tence of a layer around Uranus’ ice layer trap­ping heat and mak­ing it ap­pear cooler, but one could have formed dur­ing a gi­ant im­pact.


Uranus looks bluish-green through a tele­scope thanks to the meth­ane in its at­mos­phere. It also con­tains hy­dro­gen, he­lium, acety­lene and other hy­dro­car­bons.

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