All About Space

Our contributo­rs include…


Colin Stuart Space science writer

If we can get a true understand­ing of how our natural satellite was made, we could uncover how we came to thrive on Earth. Colin has the details on page 14.

Nour Raouafi Astrophysi­cist

The project scientist of NASA's Parker Solar Probe reveals the latest results, images and what's next for the craft – and how the next decade is the golden age for solar research.

Chris Hadfield Former astronaut

Chris Hadfield answers your space questions alongside our expert panel of astronomer­s, astrophysi­cists and space exploratio­n experts on page 64.

Lee Cavendish Staff writer

How big is supergiant Antares? Lee reveals the brand-new images from the Very Large Array that have provided a new look at the red gem that lies in Scorpius.

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