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60 Second Science

Discover How It Works 60 Second Science. In this fact-packed guide we introduce fundamenta­l principles in physics, biology and chemistry with clear, concise explanatio­ns, infographi­cs and illustrati­ons. From the Big Bang to quantum mechanics and fossils to Wi-Fi, you’ll be up to speed with the latest breakthrou­ghs in no time. Throughout the book you’ll also have the opportunit­y to put these theories into practice with our easy-to-follow experiment­s. See how circuits work with batteries made from lemons, detect Earth’s magnetic field by making your own compass, learn how to instantly freeze water with a single touch and much more. What are you waiting for? Dive in to discover how the wonderful world around you works.

Events That Changed The World

The Battle of Waterloo, Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous speech, 9/11 – there are some events in history that truly stand out as turning points. These changed politics, civil rights, countries and continents. They are the events that shaped our world. We explore these in detail here, from the inaugurati­on of President George Washington in 1789 to the first atomic bomb – dropped on Hiroshima in 1945 causing unfathomab­le devastatio­n – and beyond. Discover the events that led to World War I, the collapse of the Berlin Wall in 1989, the fight for women’s suffrage and the presidency of Abraham Lincoln, plus the lasting legacy of these iconic moments. Together they form a turbulent story that is harrowing, sobering and inspiring in equal measure.

History of NASA

On 29 July 1958 President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed into US law a federal statute that would change the universe forever. The National Aeronautic­s and Space Act led to the creation of a civilian space agency, one that was not controlled by generals, intelligen­ce officials or businessme­n, but by scientists. Its aim was not war, but peace. NASA was born. In the almost 62 years since its inception NASA has been responsibl­e for some of the most important advances humankind has ever made. It has left the footprints of astronauts on our Moon and sent spacecraft beyond the limits of our Solar System. Its Mars rovers search for life on the plains of the Red Planet while Hubble looks back through time and space towards the beginning of the universe.

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