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Become entranced with stargazing as this refractor reveals the cosmos


This achromatic refractor is the second-largest telescope in Meade’s Infinity family, and we’ve got one waiting to be won thanks to Hama (UK) Ltd. Flaunting a 90-millimetre (3.5-inch) aperture and 600-millimetre (24-inch) focal length to provide a focal ratio of f/6.7, this instrument is excellent for resolving bright celestial objects – such as the Moon, planets or stars – with amazing clarity and contrast. The optical system and setup also comes in handy for basic astrophoto­graphy. Built for terrestria­l viewing as an added bonus, the Infinity 90AZ is also perfect for nature observatio­ns. Accessorie­s are also included, with a red-dot viewfinder, a Barlow lens (2x), three eyepieces and an accessory tray and AutoStar® Suite Astronomer Edition Software, perfect for seamless guiding around the night sky.

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