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Why they don’t agree


fields Gravitatio­nal superposit­ion aren’t in a

Einstein, a According to be field cannot gravitatio­nal to yet according here and there, the matter and quantum theory to space-time warp energy that Something create it can. has to give.

Gravity doesn’t have a boson

There are four fundamenta­l forces: gravity, electromag­netism and the strong and weak nuclear forces. Quantum physics says the last three forces act between objects through the exchange of particles called bosons. No one has found a boson for gravity.

You often get the answer ‘infinity’

Other calculatio­ns give the answer infinity when you try and calculate physical quantities. Infinity is a glaring neon signpost saying you’ve got the physics wrong. You cannot have an infinite amount of energy, for example.

You get probabilit­ie higher than one

Probabilit­ies run from zero impossible to one for Combining certai quantum physics relativity at high energies probabilit­ies gi higher than on You can’t be more certain than certain.

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