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When will we make contact?


2030 Douglas Vakoch

METI Internatio­nal

“My best guess for when we’ll detect extraterre­strial life – if, in fact, we make contact in my lifetime – is by 2030, a decade from now.”

2040 Seth Shostak

SETI Institute “I’ve bet everyone a cup of coffee that we’ll find a signal within two decades. If not, I’ll have the opportunit­y to buy a lot of brew.”

2050 John Elliott

UK SETI Research Network “In 30 years I think we’ll have the dish capacity, techniques and computing power, as well as the knowledge of where is best to target.”

2070 Andrew Siemion

Berkeley SETI Research Center “If we haven’t detected evidence of intelligen­t life beyond Earth in 50 years, it is likely that we are essentiall­y alone in the visible universe.”

2120 Gerald Harp

Berkeley SETI

Research Center

“My firm prediction is 100 years from now. I’m very confident, since I will be dead by then.”

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