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Top-secret space shuttle


Boeing drop tests X-40A vehicle

Boeing creates the X-40A Space Maneuver Vehicle to 85 per cent scale and it is successful­ly drop tested, pleasing the US Air Force.

NASA plans experiment­al space plane

NASA says it wants to build two vehicles, an Orbital Vehicle and an Approach and Landing Test Vehicle, as a test bed for new reusable rocket technologi­es.

Test vehicle is delivered to NASA

With a $173 million (£135 million) deal struck between NASA and Boeing, the X-37 project gets underway, based upon the earlier X-40A.

Test flights are successful

Boeing announces its fifth straight flight of the X-40A Space Maneuver Vehicle, dropping it from a Chinook at 4,572 metres (15,000 feet).

Boeing asked to complete X-37 developmen­t

NASA is impressed and awards Boeing the contract to continue developmen­t of the X-37 Approach and Landing Test Vehicle with a view to conduct atmospheri­c flight tests.

Project transferre­d to DARPA

NASA transfers the X-37 technology demonstrat­ion program to the Pentagon’s DARPA. NASA says it will remain involved.

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